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Building with Block Kit - Shared screen with speaker view
Slack Team - Elizabeth K
Hi Mark, we are recording this! We’ll share the recording and the slides after the webinar.
Slack Team
Don’t forget to direct all question to the Q+A space in the zoom tool bar :)
Slack Team
We’ll try to field questions throughout the webinar
Slack Team - Elizabeth K
Make sure to ask questions in the Q&A space instead of chat!
Rodney Aiglstorfer
Will you support more than 2 columns in layout
Slack Team - Elizabeth K
Hey David, newbies are welcome here! We’re going to go through that a little later in the webinar. For future questions, please use the Q&A toggle instead of the chat to make sure we see them :)
Slack Team - Elizabeth K
Hey Rene, please ask this question in the Q&A chat and one of the team will reply with a response or we’ll answer it live
Slack Team
Yannic, it’s already open sourced and you’ll see the link to the GitHub repo on the next couple slides :)
Slack Team
Thanks so much for joining! We’ll be sending a recording and all information shared today in a followup email, so be on the lookout. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Happy building!
kevin marchese
Could we get an example of how to interact with block kit in node.js..sorry noob here. Super interesting stuff to me. Maybe a super simple example of here is a block and then the action taken and how to respond using node.js? Or other language examples. I’m also using Botkit which has been extremely helpful for just learning. So simple examples of actions using block kit for each popular languages maybe. Thanks you so much for your time today.